Real Estate and Construction

Zabaldano Avocats offers expertise in real estate and construction to its clients representing developers, builders, landlords and tenants.

Zabaldano Lawyers provides advice in all operations, including the most complex, and assists and represents its clients in all litigation proceedings.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Assistance and representation in all litigation proceedings and interim proceedings ;
  • Assistance in legal expertise;
  • Assistance and representation in all co-ownership disputes and assistance and representation at General Meetings of co-ownership ;
  • Advice and legal litigation in matters of civil and commercial leases :
    – Drafting and conclusion of civil and commercial leases,
    – Assistance during the execution of leases and legal proceedings (works, renewal, leave …)
    – Assistance and representation in proceedings to set eviction compensation in the context of commercial leases ;
    – Recovery and eviction proceedings (implementation of the cancellation clause).
  • Legal negotiation of real estate transactions, advice on structuring and conducting real estate transactions;
  • Legal and administrative advice and litigation in the conclusion and execution of real estate construction contracts;
  • Administrative authorizations, assistance in dealings with the administration, appeals against administrative authorities and urban planning documents, litigation related to administrative liability;
  • Enforcement proceedings (registration of judicial or conventional mortgages, seizure, pledging of conventional or judicial business assets, execution of sureties and guarantees).

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